Baylander / BioBus Student / Research Program

Baylander (see Sites: West Harlem Piers) and BioBus Inc. have partnered to offer educational and research programs aboard the Baylander at the West Harlem Piers. BioBus is a NYC-based non-profit with the goal of cultivating and sustaining interest in science, preliminarily by providing K-12 students with hands-on science learning experiences. While BioBus focuses on student groups historically underrepresented in the sciences, such as females and minorities, its efforts spread throughout the entirety of NYC.

BioBus has long taught and developed curricula in marine biology, urban ecology, environmental stewardship, and marine diversity. The relationship with the Baylander will see the vessel receive functional lab supplies including microscopes, water monitoring devices, as well as computers and other technology. It will also provide trained scientists to oversee the research and mentor the local students.